How you can help

Tibetan children with books

We are currently linked with two projects: [drglink link=/projects/shiwatso/ title=”go to Shiwatso Library page”]Shiwatso Public Library[/drglink] at [drglink link=/projects/mundgod/ title=”go to Mundgod Project page”]Mundgod[/drglink], Karnataka, and [drglink link=/projects/dhondeling/ title=”go to Dhondeling Library page”]Dhondeling Public Library[/drglink] at Dhondeling, Kollegal.

We hope to bring more projects under Help with Books so that we can make a difference to as many people as possible.

We have given below our suggested ways to send your love and support. Please email if you have any other suggestion we can incorporate.

Wish List

Each project has their Amazon Wish List and you can help buy the books they would like for their Library and have it sent directly to their address.

For easy access, their wish list is categorised into different sections; you can browse and select books you would like to donate.

  • [drglink link= title=”go to Mundgod Library Wish List at”]Shiwatso Library Wish List[/drglink]
  • [drglink link= title=”go to Dhondenling Public Library Wish List at”]Dhondenling Public Library Wish List[/drglink]


Annual subscriptions to a variety of reading materials will also be much appreciated. We have given below some of our suggestions.


  • Readers Digest
  • National Geographic
  • Time
  • The Week
The delivery address of the Library:
Mundgod Public Library
c/o Tibetan Settlement Office
P.O. Tibetan Colony, Mundgod 581411
Distt. Karwar, Karnataka State


Spread the Love

You can send your used books to the addresses directly. Please email in advance so that proper arrangements could be made. We thank you for your kind thoughts, but please make sure that the books are in good condition and suitable for the community.

If you are in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and would like to donate your gently-used books, please email us and we will make arrangements to collect them.

Join our mailing list

[drglink link=/contact-us/ title=”go to contact page to join the mail list”]Become a member[/drglink] of Help with Books. We will send out emails whenever we have a project that will need your help.

Please remember — Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support.